Friday, January 31, 2014


....will be the tenth year I am having this second life online. A nice round figure. I like round figures.
I will by then have blogged for ten years, by way of therapy, tried Hyves, closed it down again for all the right reasons, collected lots of bands (mainly bands) on MySpace, never looked at it again after a year or two, tried to Twitter, never managed to land a tweet where I wanted it to, even opened a Linked-In account for when I ever needed a new job, one never knows...

I will have cast my blurbs about life in general into the great abyss that is called the internet. Like here on this wretched blog. Rants, likes, music, commiserations, nonsense, all in here, and all for the world, friends, family, people I don't really know yet like and total strangers to see. Did it enhance my life? Did it make a difference?

I have discovered that at times it affected me more than I thought, but most of the time not as much as I would have needed. To be honest I am most of the time fed up with it, or scared by it at times, or even when it is not real, it feels more real than it should at times. Don't get me wrong. It feels good to shout out about "stuff" I care about to people and share whatever melts my heart with them. But a lot of the time being online is like walking on razorblades....

Please do not be surprised if one day I suddenly decide that it is time to start writing more letters instead of emails, a book instead of a blog. That it is time to move on... No big deal. 
I am after all an actual person, and for all who know me, you know where to find me, or you have plenty of time to do so. I'll have this unavoidable email-address. You either know or can find out where my front door is.  If you feel like staying in touch, it is always open.  Because I love to hold on to the threads of all you nice people out there in this labyrinth that we call life.  But I wish one day we will no longer be sitting behind this stupid screen, but out there in the sun, under a tree, sharing time and space. So please find me.

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