Thursday, May 27, 2010

Should I tune in tonight?

Dat was de vraag van een vriend uit Engeland.
Waarop mijn lief een vlammend betoog hield dat ik niemand wil onthouden, dus bij deze!:
"Yes, you should tune in on Thursday, because it's the semi final where the UK gets to vote! I understand you might be a bit disillusioned after your recent elections, but please don't let the shortcomings of your political system make you loose faith in democracy. This is Eurovision! One man, 20 votes! That's right, you can vote multiple times. You can make a real difference! So why not consider your little neighbor across the sea? The Netherlands is entering the semi final on Thursday and I know you love our country. Amsterdam has been welcoming your stag parties for decades. So why not take this opportunity to show your appreciation. We all know what draws young men about to get married to Amsterdam: Draaiorgels! Did you know we'll have one on stage tomorrow? Okay, it's a fake, but that's only because those Norwegians are unable to build a stage strong enough to carry the real thing.
Sieneke, our singer is a lovely girl from my hometown. And you might still remember Pierre Kartner, who wrote the song she'll be performing, Ik ben verliefd (Sha-La-Lie). His star may not shine as brightly as those of Stock and Waterman, but he has made some truly remarkable music in the past.

I know there are people who have criticized our entry. Some might even call it a crappy song. But it is OUR crappy song and we will support it all the way through to the finals. And if that means I have to make an idiot of myself and grovel for votes, so be it. So to all my friends in the UK: Please please please please please vote for us tomorrow. We're counting on you to reach the final!
Cheers, W.

Ik had er niet van terug....

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